The goal of my campaign is to raise 4,000 PLN (~ $1,000) to cover the cost of my volunteer program participation and Sri Lanka visa. I am going to pay the flight to Sri Lanka from my own pocket.   Please make a one-time secured payment to my PayPal account >

I am scheduled to travel there from August 29 to September 18, 2017.

For the past 2 years I have dreamed of going to a distant country to help local scientists in research and protection of sea turtles. I decided that the perfect place to accomplish this dream is the beautiful Island of Sri Lanka. There are 5 species of sea turtles present there.   The project site is located on the South West coast of Sri Lanka close to the city of Ambalangoda (please zoom-in the map below).

There are 7 different species of sea turtles in the world. Most of them are endangered and some even critically endangered. Human influence on the environment is the main factor in the decrease of sea turtle populations. Therefore, it is important that we take action in this matter and help these animals. Only we humans can protect sea turtles from extinction. In their natural habitat adult turtles do not have many enemies – attacks by sharks or other predatory fish don’t happen too often. Sea turtles though have a very hard beginning of their life. When they are still eggs, they are exposed to predators that can destroy their nest. After being born they need to reach shelter among the waves of the ocean all by themselves. This is not a simple task. The young turtles which hatch at night are guided by instinct in the direction of moonlight glimmering among the waves. Because of the development of modern civilization turtles, they mistakenly go in the direction of artificial light, where their fate is obvious(roads, sewer grates, etc.). Moreover, there are all the natural predators (birds, small mammals, crabs and fish in the water).  If all this wasn’t enough, we humans come in. Stealing eggs, hunting for turtles, setting up nets in the sea, where these poor animals get entangled and die in agony. Fortunately, there is another side to human influence. There are many projects and programs like the one that I would like to take part in. Thanks to projects like this one sea turtles have a chance to thrive.

Let's help these small innocent animals get to the safety of the Indian Ocean!!!

VISIT the project website >

A couple words about me:

I'm 20 years old, I love traveling, I've been to 37 countries already. I would like to visit Sri Lanka with a feeling that my presence there would changed something. And this something is the well-being of sea turtles.

I'll be very grateful for any help, the turtles too; and so happy, if this will work out!!!

Dominik Kubica

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