Annual Wireless Device Event

Moderator: Jorge Fuenzalida, VP, Strategy & Technology Group,

                                              inCode a VeriSign Company

Jerry Panagrossi,VP and GM of North American Operations, Symbian

Chuck Rainbow, Dir. Product Planning, Samsung

Karen Truitt, SE Regional Director, Intel

Todd Thayer, Head of Go To Market Portfolio & Programs, Nokia

G e n e r a l   M e e t i n g

Thursday, May 15, 2008,  6:00 - 8:00 PM, The Ashford Club, Atlanta

DVD chapters  (DVD.2008.202)

00:14   Intro by Maury Margol

01:23   SiteMinis, Inc. pitch

03:09   Moderator & panel intro

08:02   Overview by Jerry Panagrossi

14:08   Emerging new services

19:39   Open vs close

21:32   iPhone buzz

30:05   Open access effect

36:21   Q & A

38:08   Question 2

43:39   Question 3

50:28   Question 4

54:44   Question 5

56:02   Closing

Total time 56:34

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