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Wellington, New Zealand

Founder, Chairman & President of OGETA FORUM, a learning network of public and private sector thought leaders focusing on sharing geospatial data critical to regional development.

Received TechLINKS Recognition in appreciation of hard-work and dedication to Georgia's Technology Community

INDEPENDENT GIS CONSULTANT, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) implementation planning, relational database design, system evaluation and selection; for governments, utilities and private sector.

Business development and consulting services in geospatial information solutions; in cooperation with Open GIS Consortium and European Commission initiated and organized conferences/workshops in Eastern Europe to resolve spatial information system interoperability within expanding NATO and EU countries.

FULTON COUNTY GOVERNMENT, Atlanta, GA, DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, Assistant Director in charge of Information Services Division. Organized and chaired Fulton County GIS Technical Advisory Committee, and the FULTON COUNTY OPEN GIS FORUM - which continued its regular monthly sessions as the OGETA FORUM.

MARKETING CONSULTANT for BYERS ENGINEERING, Atlanta, GA, Product strategy and marketing of Byers’ AM/FM/GIS software and services to telecommunication industry.

INTERGRAPH CORPORATION, Southeast Region, Atlanta, GA, Regional GIS Program Manager
Technical support and marketing planning for Intergraph’s GIS sales effort in eight states of the Southeast. Market positioning and marketing strategy for different vertical markets and government entities. New software introductions, training for sales organization, market response analysis. Liaison to Intergraph’s Registered Consultants (IRC’s), Corporate Research & Development, and GIS Research Centers at Universities. Consultative support in GIS needs analysis and system implementation planning for prospective customers.

Member of Special GIS Consulting Team by AT&T/Prime Computers, Bedford, MA

VEP-SANDWELL, INC., West Caldwell, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY, Director of Advanced Mapping Technologies Division, project management for GPS, conventional surveying; photogrammetric, digital mapping; and CADD services.

MND & Partners, Inc., Dallas, TX, GIS Director; MND a major land planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm in Dallas.

ARISTO, Inc., Plano, TX, President & Founder, ARISTO DIGITAL MAPPING services providing GIS consulting and map intelligent digitizing for electric utilities.

HEXXIS, Inc., Dallas, TX, President & Founder, providing sophisticated GIS mapping software for U.S. Air Force and oil exploration industry in the U.S. and three foreign countries.

BELL & MURPHY AND ASSOCIATES, INC., Houston, Dallas, TX, Vice President, Systems Division, System Analyst
Developed, sold and personally installed computer systems for oil exploration mapping and geophysical data interpretation; total of 18 systems in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Venezuela, U.K., Norway and Austria. Application programs included : numerous digitizing procedures for different types of geological/geophysical maps, well log curves, velocity functions, seismic sections, 3D terrain modeling, isometric map projections, map contouring, geographic coordinate conversions, offshore maps from satellite navigation tapes, synthetic seismograms, 2D seismic modeling.

GEOPHYSICAL COMPANY OF OIL MINING, Torun, Poland, Manager of Research Department, Initiated and conducted a research on digital recording and digital processing of seismic signals which lead to the implementation of Texas Instruments’ / Elf’s digital seismic technology.

Previous experience

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