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I believe, that to prosper in today’s world, we need to supplement our well developed high tech abilities with aptitudes for understanding the subtleties of human interaction, emotional beauty, and capacity to empathize. Creativity is usually of interdisciplinary nature. Mixing expertise and people from diverse disciplines is critical to innovation, as most of the greatest discoveries have happened not within a single profession. The economic growth is driven by the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Among different forms of knowledge, the know-who, which refers to the world of social relations and the knowledge of who knows what and who can do what, is sometimes more important to innovation than knowing scientific principles. Portraying people, their works and philosophies using video media, is the logical progression of my long career in information technology, years of involvement in artistic photography, multimedia, astronomy, .... all converging into the new passion for utilizing aesthetic and visual arts to promote advances in science, technology, and social progress.

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